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If you want your tracks to stand up to scrutiny alongside artists sharing the same playlists as you, then you need great mastering.

With over 5 years worth of experience, I provide high quality mastering at affordable rates without compromising quality.

Digital Mastering

I am against the loudness war but can provide loud masters which retain the perception of the song’s transients and dynamics. Working within the digital realm I use ultra clean signal paths to help achieve the best possible results. This is achieved using my comprehensive collection of high-end plugins - guaranteeing a fast turnaround and awe-inspiring results.

At Solipsis Studios you can expect...

 - More punch, improved stereo imaging & greater clarity.

 - A loud yet dynamic finished product (if loud is what you want!)

 - Ensuring your music is ready to be played in a variety of settings from car stereos to TV, radio and clubs etc.

 - Approval of masters online via Filepass before payment.

 - Masters suitable for printing to vinyl.

 - I can produce separate masters suitable for iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, CD if needed.



Helped by my acoustically treated studio, I will use a variety of techniques and tools during the process which may include…

 - Corrective EQ, dynamic/linear EQ, and tackling problematic frequencies

 - Noise reduction/restoration and click removal (if needed)

 - Stereo image correction and M/S (mid/side) adjustment

 - Harmonic enhancement/excitement

 - Tonal balance and final EQ curve check

 - Dynamic control/enhancement

 - Output optimization

 - Audio compression (MP3, WMA, FLAC if requested)

Once I have finished working on your material I will send a sample of the master for approval.

What are your rates?

$30 per song

Do you do revisions?

Absolutely. Unlimited revisions are included in the mastering price.

What kind of payments are accepted?

PayPal, debit/credit card, check, Venmo, and cash.

How do we prepare our project for mastering?

Mastering Delivery Guide



For any additional information, get in touch with me via my email:

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