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Recorded your music and want Solipsis Studios to mix it? I strive for an organic and dynamic sounding mix which I achieve by using a variety of digital and analogue equipment.

Whether you need a clean and refined record or you’re seeking destructive filth, I work with you every step of the way to sculpt the perfect realization of your artistic vision.

It's important that we're the right fit for each other, so I'll need to hear some of your demos or previous work in order to ensure the results you're after.

Please get in touch for a quote based on your requirements.

I'd highly recommend you opt for a re-amp / mix / master bundle - this will offer you the best value for money, and guarantee you the Solipsis Studios sound from start to finish.

 - Re-Amping

 - Mastering

What are your rates?

Mixing rates vary based on a project's needs but are generally $250 per song.

Do you do revisions?

Absolutely. Three rounds of revisions are included in the mixing price.

When is payment due?

A 50% deposit is required to book a session, then an invoice for the balance is sent at the start of the job. Payment in full is requested either at that point or before the second or final print.

What kind of payments are accepted?

PayPal, debit/credit card, check, Venmo, and cash.

How do we prepare our project for mixing?

Mixing Delivery Guide



For any additional information, get in touch with me via my email:

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