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If you’re searching for that elusive killer tone, I'm here to help.

Using my selection of FX units and plug-ins, I match the perfect tone to the rest of your production.

I'll deliver the exact sound your track needs.

Just send me your DI’s. I’ll do the rest.

What are your rates?

$30 per song

Do you do revisions?

Absolutely. Three rounds of revisions are included in the re-amping price.

When is payment due?

A 50% deposit is required to book a session, then an invoice for the balance is sent at the start of the job. Payment in full is requested either at that point or before the second or final print.

What kind of payments are accepted?

PayPal, debit/credit card, check, Venmo, and cash.



For any additional information, get in touch with me via my email:

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