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My go-to kick & snare combo for any rock production.


Whether you need a soft rock passage to be more consistent or you want to take that hard-hitting metal riff up a notch, these drums have all the weight and crack you'd expect from a modern production. With 6 velocity ranges and 4 round robin hits for each articulation, these samples are sure to make an appearance in your productions.


Repackaging and redistributing is strictly prohibited

FREE Drum Pack

    • 48 kHz 24 bit WAV files
    • Trigger files (TCI)
    • Metro Jarrah Ply Snare (Snare Top & Snare Bottom Mics, 6 Velocity Ranges, 4x RR)
    • Pearl Reference Kick (Kick AKG, Kick M88 & Kick Out, 6 Velocity Ranges, 4x RR)
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